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dc.description.abstractTartalomjegyzék: Foreword (5-6) --- Articles – Vaccaro, Annemarie: Fostering Inclusion Through Professional Development: The Case of Faculty Workshops at the University of Rhode Island : A Chapter Submitted for: Challenging Higher Education in the 21st Century (7-18) --- Trendl, Fanni – Varga, Aranka: Roma Youth and Roma Student Societies in the Hungarian Higher Education in the Light of Process-based Model of Inclusion (19-36) --- Padilla-Carmona, Teresa – González-Monteagudo, José – Tenorio-Rodríguez, María A.: Lights and Shadows: The Inclusion of Invisible Students in Spanish Universities (37-44) --- Workshop – Alluri, Rina Malagayo – Yéré, Henri-Michel : Old or new territory? Perspectives On Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (45-58) --- Ne’eman, Adi – Shalev, Ma’ayan – Fine, Ya’ara Hermelin: Diversity in Action: The Story of an Art Workshop for Neurodiverse Students (59-69) --- Diary – Researcher’s Reading Log: A New Genre on the Horizon? (71) --- Csovcsics, Erika: Some Best Practices for Inclusive Environments in Higher Education (73-76) --- Horváth, Gergely: Learning about Inclusive Practices in Higher Education – The Horizon of Asian Approaches (77-81) --- Szabados, Péter: Inclusion Around the Globe (83-86) --- Trendl, Fanni: Institutional Responses to Inclusion from Around the World (87-92) --- Tószegi, Zsófia J.: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity in Contemporary Higher Education: Connecting the Global and Local Contexts (93-100) --- Vitéz, Kitti: Inclusive Leadership – International Perspectives and Examples (101-104) [Authors’] Biographies (105-111)hu
dc.subjectAutonómia és Felelősséghu
dc.titleAutonómia és Felelősség, VII. évf., 2022/1.

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